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Check and optimize your design to achieve a product that is perfect in every aspect. 3D printing enables extremely fast, easy and cost-effective production of high-quality prototypes, which are essential for testing alternatives or verifying every functional, aesthetic and design aspect, avoiding slowdowns and errors. 


3D printing no longer represents a technology for prototyping only, but an expanding world, able to bring new horizons and significant competitive advantages. Additive manufacturing is intended to be the production of the future, whether for private use, independent realities, or industrial production.  

Improving industrial productivity through various benefits is the baseline for the future of 3D printing, and 3DZ offers a wide range of solutions that can meet the needs of a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, design and architecture, consumer products, energy and academic research.  

Fast tooling

Make everything you need immediately easily and economically directly in-house.  

Thanks to 3D printing, the tooling of machine tools, the rapid manufacture of parts, complete tools or tools needed for production, can be fully internalized, avoiding the costs of an external service and eliminating unproductive waiting time. 

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