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Thanks to 3D printers, it is possible to obtain prototypes and finished pieces of exceptional quality and precision, , with maximum freedom for creative customization, lowering the time and cost of production.

Our 3D printing solutions are developed to work 24 hours a day without any assistance, adapting in a versatile and scalable way to the workflows of large and small companies, providing a significant competitive advantage.


Efficiency, production quality and creative freedom. The jewelry industry requires more and more customization and complexity in the realization of geometries and thicknesses that are impossible to achieve by following traditional processing methods and an increasing speed in bringing the product to market. A combination of innovation and creativity to lower costs and raise quality through a potentially infinite level of design.

More agile large-scale production, simplifying and speeding up traditional production processes from prototyping to industrial volume production.  

Customized productions tailored to individual customers, ensuring exceptional quality and maximum precision in extremely thin surfaces and thicknesses at any level of complexity. 

Speed in bringing the product to market: customized creations, limiting costs and time to decide whether or not to make the product 

Conception of complex designs to be made by traditional methods, no creative limits, quality standards guaranteed by printers and increasingly innovative photopolymer resins and waxes. 

Innovative solutions and high-quality technologies that are increasingly affordable and easy to use.  

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