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Divion – Modeled mannequin samples for the most important Italian companies in the sector

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3D printing technology for visual retail with time and cost reduction

DIVION srl is an Innovative Startup that deals with activities ranging from mechanical design to that of molds, from Cad-Cam-CNC training courses to service for companies that need support, from 3D scanning to reverse engineering and arriving at 3D printing. This company from Carpi (MO) truly offers a turnkey package: starting from the initial idea, DIVION follows the customer up to the finished and industrialized product

One of Divion’s core businesses is visual retail, and its samples of modeled mannequins, destined for the most important companies in the sector, are made with 3D printing. The idea of using additive technology has been around since the company was founded in 2016.

With Formlabs, Divion 3D prints the details of its mannequins

Divion initially turned to an external printing service, but as soon as it was possible, it preferred to have all the necessary technology in house. The first large FDM printer was joined by Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3, to make the detailed parts of the mannequins (hands, feet, faces).

Stefano Bompani (pictured), founding partner of Divion, explains that in many companies, to produce the resin or wooden mannequins, a sculptor of the master is still used, the necessary evaluations are made and then proceeded to the realization of the mold in fiberglass. This procedure takes at least 5 weeks. Thanks to the use of new technologies, on the other hand, starting from a basic 3D model, which is modeled according to the customer’s requests and needs, we proceed directly with the 3D printing of the mannequin.

This made it possible to reduce the time to a maximum of 5 days!

In the case of Divion, the FDM printer is used to create bulky pieces which, however, require a finishing and painting treatment. For the realization of the pieces with SLA technology, on the other hand, the most suitable type of resin is initially analyzed, the file is optimized, and the printing is launched: the dedicated software performs 80% of the work and often the piece thus obtained does not even need to sanding.

What are the future prospects for 3D printing?

For Divion, active in multiple sectors, visual is just one of the sectors in which 3D printing is used. The partners, who have long-standing technical workshop experience, predict that 3D printing technology could replace milling cutters by 2025. But this will also depend on the study of the materials that will be done in the coming years.




The collaboration with 3DZ was born after a test print of a hand.

Divion had turned to other competing companies, but the result obtained with the Form 2 and later also the Form3, was the one that came closest to their needs.

Matteo Ferrari, their contact person in 3DZ, helped and advised them to reach the quality of the product they needed.

Divion’s experience with the world of 3D printing, explains Stefano Bompani, is more than positive, precisely for having personally verified the multiple possibilities of application, the advantageous time / cost ratio, as well as for the rapid return on the initial investment. The satisfaction and willingness to continue innovating is confirmed by the new order of the Form 3L from Formlabs. This printer offers five times the build volume of the Form 3 and double the laser power.


Thanks to Stefano Bompani and Matteo Ferrari