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Optimiz3D uses the NXE 400 to deliver 3D-printed prototypes in one day and eliminate tooling costs

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Who is Optimiz3D

Optimiz3D is a Slovenian start-up that offers CNC machining and 3D printing dedicated to various industrial sectors, making available to users all the expertise gained by the founder, Miha Koprivec, in the plastic field for the automotive sector.

Optimiz3D is able to produce from one-offs to mass production, all this at competitive costs, quickly and with the freedom to place an order at any time of the day.

The founder began his career in his father’s company, whose business was the supply of spare parts and the production of technical parts in elastomeric and thermoplastic materials mainly for the automotive industry.

“I immediately understood the real potential of 3D printing for mass production of parts,” says Koprivec, “and my interest in learning more and more about 3D printing has only grown.”

The challenge

Production to order – especially for smaller orders – is often a profitable order book management game. The margins to be competitive or not, to be successful or not, are smaller than the metal shavings discarded by machines.

Uncertainty and uniqueness characterize this work. The mix of products in production can vary from week to week, even from day to day, and volumes vary greatly.

Optimiz3D saw in additive manufacturing the opportunity to transform traditional production for third parties: it has integrated new technologies into its work process that allow it to offer fast responses, thanks to flexible production and keep general costs low.

Koprivec knew that, with the right 3D printer, it could ensure flexibility and profitability. The goal was to maximize productivity and yield with a high use of the machine, obtaining high quality parts but in less time. Furthermore, being able to provide customers with flexibility in the type of processing, materials and parts, would have given greater opportunities to acquire new orders.

The collaboration with 3DZ

To find the ideal printer for this new business model, Optimiz3D worked directly with 3DZ, one of the largest authorized resellers of 3D printers in Europe. The decades of experience of 3DZ in the 3D sector proved to be really useful in advising Optimiz3D in choosing the most suitable industrial printer.

After evaluating several printers together with 3DZ, Koprivec chose Nexa 3D’s NXE 400 for its print speed and build area size. “I mainly work with companies that need prototypes for project evaluation,” says Koprivec. “The NXE 400 allows us to reduce delivery times and offer more affordable options.”

The 3D printing solution

After the purchase of the NXE 400, Koprivec immediately realized the great impact of being able to deliver a prototype in a day instead of weeks. “This has given our business and our customers a real advantage. Now they can evaluate designs and prototypes faster, modify them more easily, and even run small series production with us at record speed. ”

In one case, by working with a customer in the machine manufacturing industry, Optimiz3D was able to offer their 3D printing services as a solution to replace injection molding, saving the customer a significant amount of time and money.

“The 3D printed part is a tube that is 15mm in diameter and 60mm in length. Normally this part would have been injection molded with PA6GF15 material. In this specific case we have instead used the xCE-Black material which has excellent mechanical properties and resistance to high temperatures, as per specific customer request. The main advantage of 3D printing in this case is the cost of the molds, which is zero, so the cost per life of the project is lower than that of injection molding ”.

In addition to cost savings, other benefits include a quick start to production and the flexibility to implement subsequent design changes without costly mold changes.

The table shows the difference in project costs with traditional injection molding compared to 3D printing